LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Dungeon 21189



LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Dungeon 21189

If you’re a fan of both LEGO and Minecraft, then the LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Dungeon 21189 set is an absolute must-have. This set combines the creativity and building fun of LEGO with the immersive, blocky world of Minecraft. Whether you’re a seasoned LEGO builder or a Minecraft enthusiast, this set offers hours of enjoyment and a chance to recreate one of the game’s iconic dungeons in physical form.

Unboxing the Set

When you first open the box, you’ll find a variety of LEGO pieces, including bricks, minifigures, and accessories. The set comes with 364 pieces, which are neatly packaged in numbered bags for an organized building experience. The instruction manual is easy to follow, with step-by-step guidance that ensures you won’t miss a beat as you build your dungeon.

What’s Inside?

The LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Dungeon 21189 set includes:

  • Three Minifigures: Steve, a Skeleton, and a Spider.
  • Accessories: A treasure chest, bones, and various weapons.
  • Dungeon Build: Features a detailed dungeon environment complete with a spinning skeleton spawner and a working trap door.

Building the Skeleton Dungeon

The build itself is both fun and challenging, perfect for builders aged 8 and up. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key features you’ll enjoy putting together:

The Dungeon Layout

The main structure of the dungeon is built on a base plate that provides a sturdy foundation. You’ll start by assembling the walls and floor, creating the enclosed space that represents the dungeon. The design captures the dark and eerie feel of a Minecraft dungeon, complete with cobblestone walls and mossy detailing.

Spinning Skeleton Spawner

One of the coolest features of this set is the spinning skeleton spawner. This is a central element in Minecraft dungeons, and LEGO has done a fantastic job replicating it. The spawner can be rotated, adding an interactive element to your build. It’s a great way to imagine the skeletons spawning in-game and adds to the overall playability of the set.

Trap Door Mechanism

Another exciting feature is the working trap door. By turning a knob, you can make the trap door open, dropping unsuspecting minifigures into the dungeon below. This adds a layer of surprise and fun to your play scenarios, making it feel just like an in-game trap.

Minifigures and Accessories

The set includes three minifigures: Steve, a Skeleton, and a Spider. Steve comes equipped with a pickaxe, ready to mine and fight off enemies. The Skeleton is armed with a bow, a common sight in Minecraft dungeons. The Spider adds an extra layer of danger and excitement, just like in the game.

The accessories are a great addition, with a treasure chest that can be filled with bones and weapons. This allows you to create various storylines and adventures, enhancing the overall play experience.

Playing and Displaying

Once the dungeon is built, it offers endless opportunities for play. You can recreate scenes from Minecraft, imagining Steve battling the Skeleton and Spider, or you can create your own unique adventures. The interactive elements, like the spinning spawner and trap door, add a dynamic aspect that keeps playtime engaging.

When you’re not playing, the set makes a fantastic display piece. The detailed design and vibrant colors make it an eye-catching addition to any LEGO or Minecraft collection. Whether placed on a shelf or a desk, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.


The LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Dungeon 21189 set is a perfect blend of LEGO creativity and Minecraft adventure. It offers a satisfying building experience, interactive play features, and detailed design that will appeal to fans of both franchises. Whether you’re building, playing, or displaying, this set is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

If you’re looking for a gift for a LEGO or Minecraft enthusiast, or simply want to add to your own collection, the Skeleton Dungeon set is an excellent choice. Dive into the world of Minecraft, build your dungeon, and let your imagination run wild!

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