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With BPM Connect, taking your blood pressure at home has never been so convenient. The device provides medically accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurements with immediate color-coded feedback on the device. BPM Connect synchronizes seamlessly via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the free Health Mate app, where you can see all your data history and share it with your doctor.



    This Wi-Fi blood pressure monitor provides medically accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurements with immediate feedback on the device and full data history in the app.


    The device helps you monitor your systolic and diastolic blood pressure plus heart rate from the comfort of your home. The American Heart Association recommends monitoring blood pressure at home.


    BPM Connect is a FDA-cleared medical device and compliant with European medical device standards. You’ll get color-coded feedback based on the American Heart Association recommendations for hypertension.


    Get instant color-coded feedback on the LED screen of the device right after the measurement: systolic, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate readings.


    This blood pressure monitor features premium materials and has a compact design so you can bring it anywhere. Forget the batteries – It’s rechargeable via micro USB and lasts up to 6 months with one charge.


    You will find your full data history in the free Health Mate app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth synchronization. Data is automatically synchronized via your home Wi-Fi network, without the need to have the phone right by.


    Use BPM Connect for prevention or to check the efficacy of your treatment. Either way, a few taps on your smartphone is all it takes to share measurements with your doctor.


    Flexible Spending Account funds can be used to cover the costs of this device (US)


    Free & unlimited access to your data history


    Automatically retrieve your blood pressure data on Apple Health

What’s Included

  • Charging cable

  • Quick installation guide

  • Regulatory leaflet

  • Withings BPM Connect Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

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Product Datasheet/Brochure (PDF)

User Manual

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  • Key Specs

    Voice-Assist Talking Function
  • General

    Product Name
    BPM Connect – Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
    Model Number
    Color Category
  • Dimension

    Product Width
    1.97 inches
    Product Depth
    2.56 inches
    Product Length
    6.1 inches
    Product Weight
    0.55 pounds
    Cuff Size
  • Features

    Reading(s) Displayed
    Diastolic, Pulse rate, Systolic
    Memory Recall (Number Of Readings)
    Testing Site
    Upper arm
    Indicator Light(s)
    Voice-Assist Talking Function
  • Compatibility

    App Compatible
    Voice Assistant Built-in
    Not Applicable
  • Included

    Storage Case Included
    PC Link Included
    USB Cable Included
  • Power

    Power Source
    Rechargeable Battery
    Charging Interface(s)
    Auto Shut-Off
  • Display

    Digital Display
  • Warranty

    Manufacturer’s Warranty – Parts
    1 year
    Manufacturer’s Warranty – Labor
    1 year
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  1. Jmame

    I recently purchased the Withings BPM Connect Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor in White/Gray and I have been pretty satisfied with its performance. The device is easy to use and the set-up process was quite simple. The Wi-Fi connectivity feature is convenient as it allows me to sync my readings directly to my phone and keep track of my blood pressure trends over time.

    The monitor seems to provide accurate readings and the cuff is comfortable to use. The design is sleek and modern, fitting in nicely with my home decor. My only complaint is that the app interface could be a bit more intuitive and user-friendly.

    Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend the Withings BPM Connect to anyone looking for a reliable and modern blood pressure monitor. It’s a great piece of technology that helps me stay on top of my health.


  2. pillboy

    Both myself and my wife have reasons to have a blood pressure machine in our home and for a few years now we have used one by a well known manufacturer that also makes automated, professional equipment for medical facilities. It satisfied our basic needs well, but I was curious to see how one with an eye towards design and style could compete. This product marketed by Withings looks like something Apple would design, sleek and minimalistic.

    The BPM Connect has a very compact design which makes it easy to work with and easy to travel with – there is no main electronic/pump unit connected to an arm cuff with a long hose as the control unit is attached directly to the arm cuff. Rather than having an AC adapter (“wall wart”) or using disposable batteries, it contains a rechargeable battery and a cord to recharge it via a USB port. It does not come with a charging block however, but this really shouldn’t be an issue for most people nowadays. I’m not sure how long the battery will last between charges as I wrote this review before I had to recharge the unit. When I unboxed it, I went to charge it right away as virtually every rechargeable product recommends you do, but the BPM came fully charged and thus ready to use right out of the box. The box states “Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months”.

    The smartphone app that works with Withings health monitoring devices (they have more than just blood pressure monitors) is called Health Mate and it worked flawlessly on my iPhone and I found it very easy to navigate, view the data collected, and learn the basics of the BPM Connect. The app is nicely designed and intuitive to use. While you could use the BPM Connect without utilizing the smartphone app and it would work just fine, the app really gives you a lot of useful features, such as saving data for multiple users (up to 8 – our old machine had a maximum of 2). You have the option of setting up multiple profiles under one account, or creating multiple accounts (for privacy) and have them all linked to the same blood pressure machine. Both ways have their advantages depending on the needs of the users. To fully understand the operations of the monitor and the app, I had to use the information presented in the app and on the web site – the paper instruction manual by itself does not explain all of the features.

    Use of the BPM Connect is very straight forward with easy to understand instructions for basic operation in the paper manual, on the app or on the web site. The unit itself has a dot matrix display that scrolls the text when it is longer than the display. To start taking a blood pressure reading, place the cuff on your arm and press the lone button on the unit. It will turn on and after a few seconds display “BP” indicating it is ready to take a measurement. Press the button again and the pump will start inflating the cuff. When the measurement is completed, the display will show your systolic pressure, your diastolic pressure and then your heart rate. It will cycle through these three values three times then move onto the most recent user’s name. You can cycle through all of the different users including “Guest” by a long press on the button. If the last user was “Guest”, the next time the unit is used it does not default to Guest – it will default to the last user that has a profile. I mention this because if you aren’t paying attention you can erroneously save a guest’s data to a regular user’s profile. When you get to your name, quit pressing the button and the unit will display your name a few times and then a check mark displays to indicate the readings have been saved to your profile. The machine then turns itself off.

    The readings we obtained from this monitor were very similar to the readings of our older monitor, so I have every reason to believe the accuracy of this Withings device. Our healthcare provider does not accept data transmitted from this device so I can’t comment on that feature.

    The Withings BPM Connect is a nicely designed product, easy to use, and convenient for travelers. It comes with a two year warranty which seems generous until my next point. While my review is accurate in my opinion, and generally positive, there is one glaring issue in my mind. In the paper instruction manual in the “Specifications Technical data” section (on page 19), there is an entry labeled “Product Life”, and that product life is stated to be “3 years”. In my opinion a 3 year life expectancy for a product at this price point is somewhat of a disappointment. But with people replacing their smartphones every couple of years and the overall general advancement of technology, maybe that is the new norm. This device works well, works as intended, and seems to be well constructed. My rating of three stars is based upon the limited life expectancy and the fact that this statement is hidden inside the packaging rather than displayed on the outer box so that a shopper could make their buying decision using this information. I would recommend this device only if I made the person aware of the limited life of the unit.